Hillcrest Rv Park RULES


Most of these rules are standard and we want your camping experience with us to be enjoyable & safe.

 -Check In After 1pm Check Out Time 11am

-Quiet Hours 10pm-8am; All children under the age of 18 must be with parents at campsite by 9pm; Radios, TVs and any electronics should not be heard beyond your site. All extra lighting including string lights need to be turned off by 10 or if you are not at site. No loud gatherings or parties. Do not place bug lights next to your neighbor. Please be considerate of your neighbors.

-Speed Limit is 10 MPH for the entire campground. Let's keep our children safe. All motorized vehicles must be street legal, registered and insured. No mini-bikes, dirt bikes, go-carts, go peds, 4-wheelers, golf carts, gas or electric scooters, hover boards or other such vehicles are permitted.

-Pets are permitted. Only dogs with registration and current vaccinations are allowed. Dogs must be kept on leash at all times. Limit 2 dogs per site unless approved by park staff. Pets are not allowed to be tied outside of your RV when you are not in the park and are not to be left unattended at any time. NO ground tie-downs are permitted. If any pet demonstrates aggressive behavior toward another pet or camper, you will be asked to leave the campground. NO excessive barking. Clean up after your pets-at your site or if you are walking your dog; your are responsible for clean up.

-Sites-One camping unit and 2 vehicles per site. No vehicle storage allowed. No vehicle repairs on site. Washing cars and RVs are prohibited. No grey water dumped on ground. Maximum of 6 people per site including daily guests unless approved by park staff. Any guest using your camper in your absence must have prior approval by management. Sites must be kept neat-no outside freezers or clothesline.

- You are responsible for the behavior and actions of your guests. It is your responsibility to make sure your visitors and guests learn, understand and abide by all the rules and regulations of Hillcrest Acres. All campers and visitors are to respect campground property-please notify us of any unusual behavior. They are also required to obey all municipal, federal, state and county ordinances, resolutions and laws. Hillcrest Acres reserves the rights to revoke your camping privileges should you and your children and/or visitors fail to comply with these rules. All campers and visitors are required to conduct themselves in a respectable manner. No cursing, glass containers or smoking permitted around playgrounds.

-Children-You are responsible for the actions and safety of your children and other children under the age of 18 who are under your supervision. Children must be supervised on the playground and ball court. All children must obey the 9pm curfew and be on their sites. No child shall be left in the campground without responsible adult supervision. All children under 12 years old must wear a helmet while riding bicycles.

-Campfires must be in the rings provided and flames to not exceed the top of the one fire ring. One fire ring per camping unit. During times of fire restriction, no fires of any type are permitted. All campfires extinguished by 10pm. NEVER leave a fire unattended.

-Restrooms and Laundry-Make sure to take all your belongings. Any article left in the restroom will be disposed of when restrooms are cleaned. Restrooms will be closed for cleaning. Do not leave clothes in the machines unattended.

-Firearms and Fireworks are strictly prohibited for the safety of all campers and guests. That includes all types of guns including paint ball guns and BB guns.

-Disruptive behavior-if the police are called due to disruptive behavior, that camper or campers will be immediately required to leave the campground. This includes Monthly Campers, with the monthly agreement becoming void. There will be no refunds to any person in this situation.

-Insurance/Theft-We recommend that you purchase your own insurance. We are not responsible for theft of RV or contents thereof; Nor for any damage caused by natural weather or causes (i.e. falling tree, hail or wind) Nor for spoilage of refrigerated/freezer foods due to loss of electricity. All activities in the campground are done at the individual's free will and Hillcrest Acres Campground, LLC will not be responsible for injury to guests or for loss of money/ valuables of any kind.

-Trash-You can dispose of your trash at the dumpster by the office and black water dumping station. Littering is prohibited. Please keep your site clean.

-Be courteous of your neighbors. Stay on the designated roads and walkways. Please do not cut through occupied sites. Respect quiet hours and use low lights when driving through the campground at night.

-CANCELLATION POLICY: A credit card deposit equal to the registration charges for your first night is required to guarantee a reservation. The deposit is charged at the time of your reservation. If you are unable to honor your reservation, call and cancel before the deadline. RV-Notify Hillcrest Acres by 4pm two days prior to your arrival date. Monthly RV-Notify Hillcrest Acres at least one week prior to your arrival date. A $10 cancellation fee is charged for cancellations made prior to deadline. Cancellations after the deadline will result in forfeiture of the deposit.

It is Hillcrest Acres Campgrounds discretion to reserve the right to revoke your camping privileges should you, your children or visitors fail to comply with any of these rules. By utilizing the campground and its services you consent to the same. We also reserve the right to take any action at equity and/or law that we deem appropriate to enforce the rules and regulations of Hillcrest Acres and/or to satisfy any claims we may have

Hillcrest Acres Campground and BSBW LLC, all management and employees reserve the right to refuse service to anyone noncompliant with campground rules and regulations. We also reserve the right to change Rules and Regulations at any time to protect the safety of all campers. All activities in the campground are done at the individuals free will and Hillcrest Acres Campground and BSBW LLC will not be responsible for accidents or injury to campers or guests or for loss of money/valuables of any kind.